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by on Oct.22, 2006, under Site News


I’ve been trying to upgrade this website to the latest versions of fedora, wordpress, gallery2 and the wpg2 plugin. It has definitely been a battle. The upgrade from fedora core 3 to fedora core 4 to fedora core 5 left me with a system that wouldn’t even let me log into the X console. There were a bunch of packages that either didn’t get upgraded or didn’t get installed correctly. I ended up having to basically start over with a fresh install of fedora core 5.

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TLAPD 2006

by on Sep.20, 2006, under Richard Bingle

Another Talk Like a Pirate Day ( has come and gone. While I was very appreciative of those around me playing along, I just couldn’t get into it this year and most of the day my pirate speech would lapse a few minutes into a conversation. I think the main problem was that I was still in the early recovery stages from being sick with a bad cold all weekend. In fact, if it hadn’t been TLAPD on Tuesday, I probably would have taken a sick day and spent one more day in bed. Typically I end up hoarse from my “Arrrrs” and such anyway on TLAPD, but I was having enough problems talking normally for more than a minute or two without falling in to a fit of coughing with the cold still lingering.

A moment that brought a smile to my face was when I joined one of the daily calls I’m on. I announced my presence with an “Ahoy, it be Rich” and my old boss responded with “Oh no, it isn’t that time of year again, is it?” You see, I’d been working for him for about a month when TLAPD happened to occur on the day of our bi-weekly staff meeting. I probably spent a half hour in that meeting doing my best to give status and discuss technical issues all while maintaining my pirate persona. He probably thought I was nuts, but never tried to stop me.

— Cap’n Rich

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Smoke Out – Gordon In

by on Sep.12, 2006, under Richard Bingle

I was a bit concerened during the Richmond race that Jeff Gordon would continue his downward spiral through the field and that Tony Stewart would end up in the chase and Jeff would have to settle for trying for the $1M bonus for coming in 11th the second year in a row, but Gordon managed to hang on and make it into the chase while Smoke ended up getting bumped from the chase by Kasey Kahne. While I’m by no means a Kasey Kahne fan, him bumping Stewart from the chase was worth Kahne getting into the chase. Now hopefully Gordon can recover from his horrible finish at Richmond and win the championship!

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Under New Management

by on Aug.28, 2006, under Richard Bingle

A little over one year into its outsourcing agreement with The Walt Disney Company, ACS (Affiliated Computer Services) has a new manager. Me.

For the last 11 months, the ACS Network Management team for the Disney contract has been split geographically across the two coasts with a group in Burbank (and Anaheim) and a group in Orlando under the management of the former manager of the Disney West Coast NMS team. Now the team will be split management-wise between the coasts again and I’ll be leading up the East Coast contingent here in Orlando. Everyone’s goal in the new structure is to retain all the gains we have made over the last year in getting the two teams to think and act as one while providing a local point of contact/resposibility for the rest of the ACS teams here in Orlando. I hope I’m up to the challenge!

— Rich

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2006 Pepsi 400

by on Jul.02, 2006, under Richard Bingle

Quickly becoming a tradition, I attended the Pepsi 400 in Daytona again this year with Buck and Heath. What was a big change this year was the lack of a torrential downpour. Trust me, I didn’t mind that change! Buck and I split the cost of renting one of the new Nextel FanView gagdets for the race. It’s a combination scanner, stat supplier, and video screen. We ended up having to limit the scanner down to just a couple of teams as having the maximum selected got way too confusing to try to figure out who was saying what. Buck was kind enough to humor me and leave Gordon as one of the selections for the entire race and we also listened in on Dale Jr. and Tony Stewart for most of the race.

Things were going pretty well until, in my opinion, a poor pit decision put Jeff back in the pack in the late going. Unfortunately, being back in the pack in the late stages of a restrictor plate race is just asking for trouble, and that’s just wha Jeff got. He ended up in the outside wall due to someone else’s mistakes and ended up with a DNF. It was a shame, as Jeff definitely had a car that could compete for the win.

At least the lack of rain and our choice of parking lots meant that I got home before 4 a.m. this year…

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Youth Sunday

by on Apr.23, 2006, under Ashley Bingle

The youth, meaning kids in 6-12 grade, at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration put on two entire church services pretty much all by themselves. We had a little help from some adults, including my Dad, my Sunday school teacher, and Shaun Hartsell, our Youth Pastor. We had youth singers, youth bell-ringers, youth ushers, and even a youth speaker to do the sermon. I was privileged enough to be included in the group that led worship. I was part of the singing group that provided the music during the offering and during the second service another girl and I got to lead the hymns that the congregation sang. It was quite an interesting experience taking over the job of an adult for the day. I was also part of the team that ran the technology booth. We do things such as un-mute microphones and change the words on the screen. Unfortunately the place that we work from is up a flight of stairs from the sanctuary and overlooks the entire congregation so I had to go down to sing. Being required to wear a dress and having only high heels to go with the dress I had made it very hard for me to go up and down the stair quickly and quietly. In effect I had to leave my shoes at the bottom of the steps and get them when it was near time for me to sing. I then had to walk around the back of the pews to get to the other girls in choir. I almost missed my cue the first time when I was still trying to strap on my shoes, but I made it in time to sing with the other girls. Over all the experience was a large change of pace and quite fun. I liked it a lot and hope to join in again when we do another Youth Sunday next school year.

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by on Apr.23, 2006, under Ashley Bingle

Now if the word NOP doesn’t mean anything to you then you weren’t at Celebration Community Presbyterian Church on April 2nd. To explain to those of you who were not there, NOP is an acronym for Night Of Praise. The Director of Worship and the Director of Missions came up with this fundraising idea last year when a charity that we often give money to was about to go bankrupt. At a Night Of Praise all of the different music groups perform at least one song. I, being in the Youth Choir, got to participate in the most recent Night Of Praise. In Youth Choir there are only eight kids total who came at one time or another. Now seeing as five of them had not come for the previous three weeks and the director and her daughter, who is also a member of the choir, were going out of town for the night, the two of us left were left to fend for ourselves. We were introduced by the afore mentioned Director of Worship as “the Youth Duet” and were “directed” by the same Director of Missions that originally helped to come up with the idea, who sang along with one half of the two part song. We sang You Are Holy Prince Of Peace by Michel W. Smith dressed in black with the lights shining right on us. It was beautiful. Not quite as beautiful as the song that the Adult Choir sang afterwards, There Is Love In The House, but still very very nice. At the end of the NOP all the groups got up and sang Amazing Love together, that was a sight worth seeing, and hearing for that matter. Afterwards the other girl and I got dozens of compliments on our outstanding job of singing. It was a night I will never forget. So now you know what exacticly a NOP is. I’m glad you do.

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Smoke or Crier?

by on Mar.15, 2006, under Richard Bingle

Now that we are a few races into the 2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup season, I’ve got to take a few minutes to comment on Tony Stewart’s season so far. After the Bud Shootout, Smoke (Tony) was pressed to comment on the bump drafting that had taken place in the non-points race in which he’d just finished second. Despite the fact that he had (repeatedly) bumped his teammate Denny Hamlin to victory, Smoke made the flippant comment that someone was going to get killed at Daytona and he hoped it wasn’t him or Dale Jr. (who’s father had died at the track exactly 5 years earlier). Having made the (purposely dramatic and probably not carefully considered) statement on live TV, he apparently then felt obligated to take the matter to NASCAR and ask that they do something about the “out of control” bumping. Whether NASCAR actually felt the need to step in or whether the reigning champion having made a public comment regarding the matter pressured them, NASCAR swiftly announced “no bumping zones” for the Duels and the Daytona 500 the upcoming weekend.

Apparently Tony didn’t think the new rules were all that important, because late in the 500 Tony let his emotions get the better of him and purposely ran Matt Kennseth off of the track at 190 MPH. Lucky for both of them, Matt was able to avoid getting hit by the rest of the field as he slid in front of them in turn 1. When interviewed after the race, Tony flatly stated that Matt had deserved what he got. So much for Smoke’s concern about someone getting killed due to aggressive driving.

Then a few weeks later at Las Vegas, we hear Tony crying about how Kyle Busch didn’t pull over and let Tony pass him during the race. Apparently Tony thinks that if he doesn’t have a car capable of passing on its own that there should be some rule that forces other drivers to let the reigning champion pass them anyway. By the way, Kyle finished 3rd and Smoke finished 21st.

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Big Deal…

by on Feb.20, 2006, under Richard Bingle

I’ve had lots of folks ask me my thoughts on the recent announcement of Disney’s purchase of long-time partner Pixar. The short answer? Too late.

Too late for Disney? Hard to say. Too late for me? Definitely.

While all sorts of rumors flew in the days after the announcement, my favorite was when two of my former co-workers from the California studio emailed me to ask if it was true that John Lasseter and Ed Catmull had toured the former Feature Animation Florida studio building. I walked down the hall and asked Jefferson if he’d heard that rumor. He said he thought he’d heard that rumor somewhere, but didn’t think it was true. A quick phone call to another former co-worker who still works in the building confirmed that the rumor was just that, a rumor. Apparently the folks in California were a bit concerned that Lasseter would want to keep his newly acquired crew away from the suits in Hollywood and would try to move operations back to Florida.

As much as I would like to work for Pixar and as much as I would like to get back into the animation industry, I just don’t see them ever re-opening the Florida studio.

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African Children’s Choir

by on Jan.15, 2006, under Richard Bingle Family


Tonight marks the third visit of the African Children’s Choir to our church. The choir is made up of East African children ages seven to twelve. Each chid has lost at least one parent to poverty or disease. The choirs (there are several) tour for about a year before returning to Africa. Their concerts are always uplifting and entertaining. In addition to giving the choir members a chance to travel abroad for a year, the proceeds from their concerts and merchandise sales helps to feed, shelter, and educate 6000 destitute children. Why don’t you help them out and buy a CD or DVD?

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