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Calvin College

by on Sep.03, 2010, under Ashley Bingle

Hello from the Great North… okay, from Grand Rapids, MI! I am currently at Calvin College, sitting in my third floor dorm in Bolt-Heyns-Timmer (359 is right near the corner of Heyns, farthest away from all the stairs/exits in my building…). I moved in on Monday for Passport IV, which is the last of the summer orientations before the entire Freshman class arrived on Wednesday for the real orientation. Quest is a three and a half day program for all the freshmen divided into 45 teams.

Mom and Dad helped me stack my furniture so there is room in a corner for the couch and next to the dresser for the fridge and TV. It feels pretty spacious to me, for the most part and I like being way up high in my bed. I even have a little shelf to sit on the corner of my bed and hold my alarm clock.

So far I have learned my dorm chant (We’re BHT born and we’re BHT bred, and when we die we’ll be BHT dead, so ra-ra for Bolt Heyns Timmer, ra-ra for Bolt Heyns Timmer, ra-ra for Bolt, Heyns, Ti-mmer, yeah!), which we will use on Chaos Day, next Saturday. I have also explored most of the exits for getting out of Heyns and Timmer, there is really no reason to go through Bolt or their basement yet, because I would need to go through the lobby and there is a straight path from the lobby to their other exit, so using it would not make much sense.

The kids from my orientation group will also constitute one of my fall classes (at least for the first seven weeks of the semester) and we have been bonding pretty well, with help from our OL (orientation leader), Steven. We have been having a fun time, generally, although some of the talks are not very interesting or helpful, we have had fun activities, like bowling with another group and The Great Ball Challenge (picture scavenger hunt/campus tour). I am going down in an hour, to meet my Quest group for dinner.

Last night we had a floor dinner, or at least tried to, before we did a bunch of activities with just our floor, our brother floor, the whole BHT dorm, and had a pizza party with all the freshmen. Now I know some of the girls on my floor a little better from hanging out with them then.

I have met most of the freshmen that are also planning to be Computer Science majors, though I only remember three of their names because I met them before the group get-to-know-you activity.

Tuesday is when classes start and I will have four and a half, SPAN 121, CS 108, CAS 190, PER 108, and IDIS 145 (Prelude, the half-semester night-course that meets once a week). I have all my textbooks and my planner and I am not sure what else to do to get ready, besides finding all the rooms they will be in, but I have two more free days to do that in, so I am feeling pretty prepared. We’ll see how that changes after my first classes.

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