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Give Thanks

by on Nov.25, 2010, under Richard Bingle Family

Sometimes when things don’t go our way, we don’t get what we want, or something truly bad happens in our lives it is hard to be thankful. Yet we as a people, a family, and as individuals are truly blessed. We live in a country that values freedom and liberty, has abundant access to the essentials of life, keeps us safe, and offers us opportunities for growth and for pleasure. We are surrounded by an extended family that loves and supports each other. We have the things we truly need and much of what we want.

We are so much more fortunate than much of the world’s, nation’s, and even our own towns’ populations. Let us give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!

— Rich

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Halloween 2010

by on Nov.25, 2010, under Richard Bingle Family

It seems that some updates on Bingle events are falling in the cracks, some much further than others, so I am attempting to “fill in” one of those cracks…

This year not only did Rich dress up (with some borrowed items from his friend DJ) for dress-down Friday (the one before the Halloween weekend) he was able to board a haunted pirate ship (a two-story elaborate façade obscuring most of the house) diagonally across from our church for a party later that day. Since members of our church own the house, the party was made up of their friends, business acquaintances, and some church members. Rich successfully hid in plain site for quite a while as our church pastor complimented his costume and approximately some 20 minutes later realized who he was. The ship was much more impressive in person but there is a short youtube clip hereof what it looked like in the daylight. At night it was lit up and had various moving parts, but you get the general idea. The amazing part is that this all folds down and stores nicely in the garage, so I’m told.

Ashley attended Calvin’s masquerade party as a “marooned sailor” (the key being the maroon shirt).

Amber and Alyssa decided that since they were too old for the Chick-fil-A costume contest they would just concentrate on our youth group party’s contest. In a decision between the two of them for the “most creative” category, Alyssa won that prize.

Pictures have been in the gallery for a while, but since most of us don’t search through the gallery to find new pictures in our spare time, I figured I should let you know they were there.


Now to start figuring out what we will be next year…

— Karen

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Wayne Swaisgood 3/31/1930 – 11/1/2010

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Wayne Swaisgood

Wayne Swaisgood passed away on Monday, November 1st, 2010.

Uncle Wayne always had a story to share, often from his childhood growing up on the farm in Ohio. We were blessed to be able to visit him often since we moved to Florida and he treated our girls as if they were his own grandkids.


He will be missed…

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