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A Dog’s Life

by on Mar.23, 2013, under Richard Bingle Family

One year ago I came to live with the Bingles. At first I was a little sad not being with all my brothers and sisters anymore, but I really love my new sisters and my new mom and dad! They are always calling me “good girl” and “buddy” and “honey” and “sweetie” and telling me that they love me! I really like it here! They even try to play “wrestle” with me sometimes but do not like it when I bite.

I have even trained my new family to give me food when I do little cute things for them! You know, simple things like sitting down, waving a paw at them, lying down, folding my paws, rolling over, backing up, standing on my hind legs, doing somersaults, and even bumping their hands with my nose! People are silly!

My four favorite things, besides eating of course, are chewing ice cubes, playing “keep away” with my kong, swimming in the pool, and catching frisbees in the back yard! My family really seems to like doing those things with me, too! Well, except chewing ice cubes. They are usually eating something different or trying to do something that they do not want me to help with when they give me an ice cube.

During the day, dad goes to a place they call “work” and I stay home with mom and my sisters while my sisters do school on the computers upstairs. Sometimes I sit with them while they are doing school. That is where I learned how to type! They usually tell me “no” when I try to type things, so it has taken me months to type this when they are not looking.

On the days that dad does not go to work, we sometimes ride in the van to visit grandma and grandpa. Riding in the van always makes me sleepy, but when we get off the fast road I wake up and get real excited because I know that I am going to get to see grandma and grandpa real soon!

I have even taken a really long van ride to see my sister Ashley and visit my other grandma and grandpa. Riding that far in the van was hard, but it was worth it because I got to run around in something my family called “snow”! It is kinda like rain but not as wet and it is cold like ice cubes! It even tasted kinda like ice cubes, but not nearly as crunchy.

Ashley is visiting us for a few days and I have heard my family talk about possibly going swimming! I have not gotten to go swimming for months! What was that? They want to go to the store to get me a new kong to celebrate me living with them for a year? Gotta go!


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