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Guess Who Got An iPhone?

by on Apr.28, 2013, under Marge Bingle

Guess who finally got an iPhone today?

Not me!

Mom had picked up a cheap phone about 6 months back from Walmart to replace her fairly new flip phone (still under contract) that had somehow stopped working. When I recently discovered that her replacement phone didn’t have Bluetooth and pointed out to her that meant that her Zomm was as useful as a paperweight she renewed her on-again off-again desire for a new phone.

Since she wanted something that she could take and send pictures with, Chris had lamented several times that Mom needed a smartphone, she has been using Dad’s iPad for the last 9 months, and a friend from church had recently shown her their new iPhone (and I’d been told that several times), I figured I had no choice but to help her get an iPhone. Two hours at the AT&T store this afternoon and she is the proud owner of a new white iPhone 4S (with AppleCare+).

So, if you call Mom on her cell and she doesn’t answer, it is possible that she doesn’t remember how to answer the new phone, so leave a message. She may eventually remember how to play the message, and then will just need to remember how to make a call. On second thought, maybe you should just email her instead for the next week or so…

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