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Thanksgiving 2016

by on Nov.24, 2016, under Richard Bingle Family

In a lot of ways, the last 12 months has been “not good” and it can be hard to be thankful: Mom’s passing; Karen’s cancer diagnosis; Job; Chemo; Karen’s mom”s passing; Chemo-radiation; Trying to sell mom’s house. Surgery; Hurricane Matthew; More chemo; The election.

But we do have a lot to be thankful for: Compassionate and skilled doctors and surgeons; Nurses and techs; Family; Successful chemo, chemo-radiation, and surgery; Job; Friends; Our country; Insurance.

Happy Thanksgiving!

— Rich

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Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

by on Nov.02, 2016, under Richard Bingle

When I was a kid, Dad would take me to a baseball game for my birthday each year. Back then, I was a Cubs fan. In fact, we were in attendance at Wrigley Field in 1979 when the Phillies beat the Cubs 23 to 22 in a slugfest for the ages.

I pretty much stopped watching baseball after the strike in 1994, but still would consider myself a Cubs fan if pressed to pick a team.

When the Cubs tied up the series at 3 games a piece I decided I’d never forgive myself if I missed game 7, so I forced Karen to watch it with me.

Well, they have finally done it! After a 108 year drought, the Cubs have won the World Series!

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Holy Cow!

— Rich

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