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TLAPD 2018

by on Sep.19, 2018, under Richard Bingle

Ahoy, mateys!

Cap’n Rich didn’t be dressin’ up in his full pirate regalia this year for Talk Like a Pirate Day, so no likeness to be showin’ to yer crew and sniggerin’ over.

Instead, here be hopin’ ye be enjoyin’ this hurdy gurdy cover of Stormseeker’s “The Longing” performed by Patty Gurdy and that it get ye in the piratical mood!

— Cap’n Rich

I’ve seen many men wandering
All strong and brave and keen
Seen them growing into rulers
But I long for the sea
Heard a ship came from North
To our harbour for a day
And before misfortune knows
I’ll be on my way

I’m all set to veer away
And I’m all set to go astray
All burdens I will leave ashore
To find what I’ve been longing for

Don‘t tell anyone
That this night I’ll be gone
Greeting the eternal blue
Right at the break of dawn
Sailing t‘wards the unknown
With my crew on the sea
And the day that I return
A hero I shall be

I’m all set to veer away
And I’m all set to go astray
All burdens I will leave ashore
To find what I’ve been longing for

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International Tabletop Day 2018

by on Apr.28, 2018, under Richard Bingle

I’ll be headed to my FLGS (that’s Friendly Local Game Store for the uninitiated) in a little bit to enjoy 13 hours of boardgaming to celebrate International Tabletop Day. I’ll hopefully get a chance to play some new (to me, anyway) games, play some old favorites, and even teach a few games to some newcomers to the hobby.

Game On!

— Rich

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by on Jan.31, 2018, under Ashley Bingle, Ashley Peters, Josh Peters, Josh Peters Family


It’s still hard for me to believe I’m a mother. I don’t know when it will really become real, after all I’ve had nine months to prepare. But I continue to wake up and realize that the little person I’m holding is really here and I’m going to get to watch him grow up.


My Wiggly Little Boy is so perfect, even when he cries all night long and won’t let us sleep. Everyone is healthy and happy. We are thankful for the parental leave policies at work that mean I can stay home for twelve weeks and Josh has been able to take off an entire month to help us adjust.

Thankfully it hasn’t been that difficult, he is as easy of a baby as he was before he was born. He loves being held, and would prefer never to be put down. He gets along with Captain Jack, who insists on alerting us for every diaper and whimper.

I love sitting on the couch with all my boys. Getting to watch Josh hold a baby for the first time and learning together how to take care of him has been a wonderful start to the adventure of motherhood.

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