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by on Jan.31, 2018, under Ashley Bingle, Ashley Peters, Josh Peters, Josh Peters Family


It’s still hard for me to believe I’m a mother. I don’t know when it will really become real, after all I’ve had nine months to prepare. But I continue to wake up and realize that the little person I’m holding is really here and I’m going to get to watch him grow up.


My Wiggly Little Boy is so perfect, even when he cries all night long and won’t let us sleep. Everyone is healthy and happy. We are thankful for the parental leave policies at work that mean I can stay home for twelve weeks and Josh has been able to take off an entire month to help us adjust.

Thankfully it hasn’t been that difficult, he is as easy of a baby as he was before he was born. He loves being held, and would prefer never to be put down. He gets along with Captain Jack, who insists on alerting us for every diaper and whimper.

I love sitting on the couch with all my boys. Getting to watch Josh hold a baby for the first time and learning together how to take care of him has been a wonderful start to the adventure of motherhood.

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New Arrival

by on Dec.06, 2017, under Ashley Peters, Josh Peters, Josh Peters Family

One year ago we drove across the state to meet a very special little guy. I fell instantly in love with Captain Jack (so named by his foster family to go with his brothers Pepper Jack, Cracker Jack, and Apple Jack) and spent an hour cuddling him at the meet and greet that helped serve to weed through applicants to take home the popular puppies in time for Christmas. We had to head home without knowing if we would see him again, but were promised by his foster mom that we were definitely in the running and she hoped to call us in the next week.

Luckily for me I was working from home on Monday when she called, since I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited before! We drove back across the state the next weekend to bring him home, and he spent the week dozing in my lap while I worked before family arrived and Christmas vacation began.

Here is my adorable baby just after he came home:


This year we will be welcoming another new member to our family as I continue the tradition of spending this time of year in anticipation and joy. And once again I am blessed to have my family nearby during this time of change.

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Girls get new do’s

by on Jun.04, 2016, under Alyssa Bingle, Amber Bingle, Ashley Bingle, Karen Bingle

Most people who know our family know how we tend to eschew haircuts and grow our hair long. I cut my hair for the first time when I was 14, Amber waited until just before she went off to college at 17 and so it made sense for Alyssa to want to cut her hair too. After all, she has the thickest hair in the family and it was getting to the point she kept it up in a bun (a bun almost as big as her head) for most of the time.


Because her first haircut is somewhat of a special event she made sure that we would all be home for the excitement, and cut it off between Christmas and New Years. Mom wanted to shorten her hair up too, and with them both getting their hair cut I decided that 9 years was long enough between trims that maybe I was due to shorten mine up as well.


Shorten for me turned out to be whacking 19 inches off, which was nowhere near Alyssa’s 29 inch donation. Mom shortened her hair by 16 inches and after all of that Amber ended up joining the trend and was able to take off 13 inches to donate as well.

We sent all of our hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, which makes free wigs for cancer patients.


I am still getting used to my shorter hair, it has taken different people a while to notice the change, but I mostly notice how much shorter it takes to dry. Alyssa really enjoys swishing her hair around her shoulders, and how she can brush it back from her face and not have to reach to put it behind her back. She says it’s much nicer not to worry about it getting caught on a doorknob. Amber managed to surprise some of her friends at school with her new ‘do, and I got comments from the little girls at my church, but Alyssa got the best surprised reaction of all. (Makes sense since hers was the most drastic change.) We went to visit our cousins and one of them was admiring her new hair, had Alyssa turn around so she could see the back, and her mother thought she was reading the back of Alyssa’s shirt, until she suddenly realized, “Your hair! It’s gone!” And it is gone, an entire 6 ounces of hair is missing from her head, but everybody agrees that her short hair is adorable. She has even been able to replicate the pigtails she used to wear all the time when she was little.

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Wedding Post

by on Jun.29, 2014, under Ashley Bingle, Ashley Peters, Josh Peters, Josh Peters Family, Richard Bingle Family

As Dad already mentioned, I got married the other day(!) and so here is my obligatory post to inform you of some of the details missing in that earlier post.

So: on Saturday morning at 10am on May 31st, 2014… oh I’ll just let the programs do the explaining:


We were joined by our family and friends who supported us in person and in thought from afar, and are very glad for those that were able to join us, even if we didn’t get to spend much time visiting between getting married and rushing off to the airport before 2:00 in order to catch the flight to our honeymoon (a cruise out of Port Canaveral that stopped in St. Thomas and St. Maarten). We want to thank everyone for coming and for all the help that so many people put into our wedding: our families, our roommates, and even random strangers from church that helped with decorations, lighting, sound, video, flowers. Everything went off smoothly (at least as far as we could tell) and I didn’t even fall flat on my face when I tripped (ask someone about that sometime, I’m sure it will be a story for a long time).

So now we’re married and I am officially Mrs. Ashley Peters (which is really weird to say and think, but that’s what happens when people get married)!

I may put up a post about our actual honeymoon, since I do have some pictures and video from the trip and for now I don’t have very many official wedding photos to share but feel free to check out the ones I have put in the gallery. However, for the time being I will be working on editing together the footage from the church videographer and the two hidden cameras that Dad put up in the balcony and in the plant behind the minister, so I should have that video at some point in the future too. For now, take a look at a time-lapse of every 10 seconds during the ceremony and the slideshow that Amber made for us that we played after the ceremony.

That’s all for now, you’ll have more when I have more to share!

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by on Jan.14, 2014, under Ashley Bingle

This January is special for me. Instead of taking Spanish like I did as a freshman, or studying abroad like Sophomore year, or learning computer forensic techniques like last year, I get to do a completely for-fun class. I am taking Board Games, or technically “Games in Community” a class that consists of playing, learning, teaching, and creating board games.

As part of the class I will be blogging about the games we play, so if you are interested, please visit my blog to see what I’ve been up to. (and now: back to gaming…)

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Summer Job

by on Oct.07, 2013, under Ashley Bingle

This summer I had a “real” job as an intern in the IT department at CHEP. CHEP is the company that owns those blue wooden pallets you see at Costco and Wal~Mart and a lot of stores use their plastic produce containers as well. They lease them to companies around the world so that producers can put things on them, and retailers can display the items on the pallets and then send them back to CHEP storage locations to be sent out again to other companies. As part of my job I am learned about the software that keeps track of where all the pallets are in the global system.

While I don’t think I should go into the specifics of what exactly I was working on (proprietary software and techniques and all) I spent my 10 weeks at a desk, on a computer, being helpful to my team. I made friends with the other IT Interns on different teams who all started at the same time I did, and really learned about working in an office environment, something I had only 2 weeks of experience from England doing.

I am really glad to have had this opportunity, and now I hope to be more confident going into the job force for “real” once I graduate next May. For now, I have a few more classes to finish up (along with some fun ones to fill up my time so I can have “full time credit status”) and some part time jobs at the college. It should turn out to be a good last year.

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by on Jan.03, 2013, under Ashley Bingle, Family Matters, Richard Bingle Family


A little known fact that I have avoided through out my posts on college life is my exact relationship to this guy:

He’s the partner from all of my Fall projects. The reason I went walking on Mackinac Bridge in September. Part of the “we” I referred to in much of my writing about that interim trip last January. And now he’s my Fiance!

His name is Josh Peters. I met him when we started our first Computer Science class in 2010 and we have sat next to each other in every class since. We will not be getting married until we graduate in 2014. He currently lives with his family 20 minutes south of school, commuting back and forth so that he can also work at Byron Center Meats during the week. He has been my best friend ever since I met him, and will continue to be for many, many years to come.


And now, what I’m sure you’ve been waiting for: a picture of my beautiful ring (which he picked out all by himself!) it’s white and rose gold, so pretty!

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Fall Semester Projects

by on Dec.15, 2012, under Ashley Bingle

So, this semester I had a lot of classes that have both periodic and final projects. I thought people might enjoy looking at some of the things I have been working on throughout the past few months.

In my Computer Graphics class we have been building some pretty neat interactive graphics, (best viewed in the Chrome browser). Here is the page that links to each person’s projects and then you might have to click on a “something”.html file to see the project. Project 8 is the final project I did with a partner, based on the board game Abalone. While it currently doesn’t have all the features of the physical game (no lateral moves, for example, and no winning detection) I worked a ton on this project and am very proud of it. I am planning on working more on it during Christmas break and Interim, so we’ll see if it ever gets “finished”.

In Web Administration we have been learning how to build websites, so here is a link to my fake portfolio website and my testing site, where I try things out before putting them into the website I am working with a partner to build for a local non-profit. The non-profit’s site is hosted at a real domain, and my teammate and I are very pleased with how satisfied they are with our work.

In Software Engineering I work on a team of 5 people, who (instead of making an app for an Android phone like the rest of the class) are making a remote control program that works through the internet to play movies and audio on a Raspberry Pi. With our program installed, someone could hook up this tiny computer to their TV and the internet and control the media playing on their TV from anywhere with an internet connection.

My fourth class was a math class, Advanced Logic and Computability, so there were no team projects in that class. Only a few homework assignments where we programmed simple computers called Turing Machines. I spent a long time working on one of those, because my computer broke in the middle of saving my work, so I was having dreams about the code for a few nights. Actually, I have had dreams about almost all of my classes: nightmares about usability testing in Software Engineering, about repeatedly typing commands to install new things for the website, and about doing vector math to improve my Graphics final project.

The only class I did not have nightmares about is my PE class, Cooperative World Games, which reminds me a lot of the PE we used to do when I was younger. We played all kinds of different games, and always tried to find one each class period that was from another country. Teams of 3 or 4 people from the class led each time, so that was another team project I had to work on, which just happened to be due the same day as almost all of my other stuff. So, after all of that I survived to the end of the semester, through all the presentations and exams, and am ready to enjoy Christmas at home.

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Back to School

by on Sep.04, 2012, under Ashley Bingle


This year was the first time I flew back to school after the summer (leaving the family in Florida this time, too), and also my first year not to live on the third floor where I always have (I already walked up by mistake once and almost said I lived there still!) I am now in one of the upperclassmen dorm in the third wing of the building I used to live in (and on the 2nd floor). I have my own room for the only time since I was very little!


I have moved things into my room, but am still working on motivating myself to unpack. Part of the delay is due to the fact that I spent part of Sunday and most of Monday on a trip up to the UP (Upper Peninsula) so I could walk across the Mackinac (pronounced MACK-in-aw, like the city even though it isn’t spelled that way) Bridge between the two parts of Michigan on Labor Day.


Apparently this is an annual thing in Michigan (55th annual according to some people’s T-shirts), where the governor makes a speech and half the bridge is closed to cars to allow normally forbidden foot-traffic. It was really neat to get to walk across the bridge we drove over last year since I remember thinking how neat such a thing would be back then while riding in the car. I tried to get some pictures of the bridge structure, but since it was so crowded there are people in most of the pictures.


Oh well, then you get a sense of how it felt to walk across with the thousands of other people who crossed the bridge that day. I especially liked walking across the grates so I could look down at the water so far below without being at all worried about falling or dropping anything.


Today, after the 5+ miles (not including to and from the actual bridge part) of a hike, I can definitely feel it. At least it was downhill after the halfway point, and there was usually a nice breeze. Now I’m sitting in my dorm room with two fans on high to keep me from sweating. I’ve only had one class so far, the rest start tomorrow, but I have been having fun visiting with people! I’ve got some more guests due back soon, so this will have to be all for now. Until the next interesting event at college!


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More Videos

by on Aug.25, 2012, under Ashley Bingle, Richard Bingle Family

So much for weekly progress, I’ve only just posted the second video, of whitewater rafting this time, and it has already been a month!

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ ]

In the meantime, I put up three short videos on my own account, which you can also view by clicking my name in the “Other Sites” section at the bottom of this page. There is a GoPro 2011 Trip Trailer, pictures and video from our 2004 Disney Cruise, and a silly video that Alyssa and I made while Amber was at camp. I hope you enjoy them!

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