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Marjorie L. Bingle 5/18/1930 – 12/12/2015

by on Dec.12, 2015, under Jim Bingle Family, Marge Bingle


Tonight my Mom was re-united with my Dad, this time forever.

Between the grief of losing my Dad earlier this year, struggling for years with health complications due to a failing liver, and being alone for the first time in her life, Mom’s overall health had rapidly deteriorated the last two months. It was hard to see her wasting away physically and withdrawing mentally.

I am thankful that Don was able to visit with her last month, that Chris and Belinda were able to be here these last few days, and that family was with her at the end.

I love you, Mom!

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Guess Who Got An iPhone?

by on Apr.28, 2013, under Marge Bingle

Guess who finally got an iPhone today?

Not me!

Mom had picked up a cheap phone about 6 months back from Walmart to replace her fairly new flip phone (still under contract) that had somehow stopped working. When I recently discovered that her replacement phone didn’t have Bluetooth and pointed out to her that meant that her Zomm was as useful as a paperweight she renewed her on-again off-again desire for a new phone.

Since she wanted something that she could take and send pictures with, Chris had lamented several times that Mom needed a smartphone, she has been using Dad’s iPad for the last 9 months, and a friend from church had recently shown her their new iPhone (and I’d been told that several times), I figured I had no choice but to help her get an iPhone. Two hours at the AT&T store this afternoon and she is the proud owner of a new white iPhone 4S (with AppleCare+).

So, if you call Mom on her cell and she doesn’t answer, it is possible that she doesn’t remember how to answer the new phone, so leave a message. She may eventually remember how to play the message, and then will just need to remember how to make a call. On second thought, maybe you should just email her instead for the next week or so…

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by on Sep.23, 2012, under Jim Bingle, Jim Bingle Family, Marge Bingle


We lost our “kitten”, Velvet, on Wednesday, September 19th. She passed in her sleep after a long and spoiled life.

We will miss her company, her purring, and the way she always knew when we were blue or not feeling well.

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