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It’s Alive!

by on Oct.21, 2011, under Site News

You may have already surmised from the long draught of postings from early this year through late summer (or from your inability to get the site to come up at all in your browser for several months) that there were some fairly serious problems with Not only did we have some software issues, but those were then compounded with a catastrophic hardware failure. While everything was recoverable, with everything else going on this summer and the lack of ready replacement hardware, restoration of the site wasn’t a top priority.

But, we are back in business now and ready for your updates!

— Rich

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Website and Gallery Issues

by on Jun.15, 2009, under Site News

I am having some major problems getting the website and gallery back up and working correctly after a disk failure last night.

UPDATE (06/18):

I believe I have managed to restore everything and have even upgraded the blog and gallery software to newer versions in the process. I’m still tinkering, so you may notice some (hopefully) minor oddities over the next few days.

UPDATE (06/21):

Ok, so my tinkering ended up leading to trying out a new look for the entire website, hopefully you enjoy the new look.

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by on Dec.27, 2008, under Site News

Ashley has finally had time to post about some of the things she wanted to post about for the last 6 months or so. They have been inserted into the blog where they would have occurred. So that you don’t have to hunt for them amongst the other posts you’ve already seen, here are some direct links to them.

FITS 2008
Fall 2008 Student Leadership Retreat
Driver’s Edge
Halloween 2008

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by on Oct.22, 2006, under Site News


I’ve been trying to upgrade this website to the latest versions of fedora, wordpress, gallery2 and the wpg2 plugin. It has definitely been a battle. The upgrade from fedora core 3 to fedora core 4 to fedora core 5 left me with a system that wouldn’t even let me log into the X console. There were a bunch of packages that either didn’t get upgraded or didn’t get installed correctly. I ended up having to basically start over with a fresh install of fedora core 5.

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Testing WPG2

by on Dec.11, 2005, under Site News

I’ve been hacking quite a bit at this site and playing with WordPress, Gallery2, and the WPG2 plugin that attempts to tie the two together. This is just a test to see if embedding a gallery image (like this one)


works. If it does, then good! If it doesn’t, then I’ve still got work to do… The image that should appear within this post is from a cruise that my extended family took earlier this year. Don’t you just dig those awesome handmade tie-dye shirts?

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Starting over isn’t a big deal…

by on Sep.24, 2005, under Richard Bingle, Site News

With all of the “issues” that the Mambo folks have been going through lately and the recent release of gallery2, I’ve decided to start the family website over again, this time using WordPress. Starting over isn’t a big deal, since I never really did anything with the old site.

— Rich

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